Convert PDF to Image(s) using ImageMagick

There is a quick and convenient way to convert PDF to one or more images. Command line tool ImageMagick does that (and a lot more). You can convert an entire PDF document to a single image, or, if you like, there is an option to output pages as a series of enumerated image files.

Disable updating of WordPress plugin or theme

There could be multiple reasons for disabling updates of plugin or a theme. For example, in time constraint, you have reached for desperate measures and edited the source of a third party plugin or theme. Now, that is the practice that is bad on so many levels, but sometimes you just have to deliver in time, no matter what.

Catastrophic Floods in Balkans

Last week my country has been hit by the worst floods in it’s history. Tens of thousands of people have lost their homes, and some of them also lost their lives. Similar happened in Bosnia, and some parts of Croatia. Flood is subsiding now, but we need any help we can get. If you don’t live… Continue reading Catastrophic Floods in Balkans

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YouTube to MP3 Converter on Ubuntu

I would like to share with you my impressions about nice piece of software I had chance to use recently. I needed to download some song from YouTube and at first I looked into some browser plugins. None of them worked as I wanted them to. Some of them didn’t work at all.

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Introduction to Databases

In my profession it is important to always sharpen your skills. Although I’ve been working with relational databases for more then 10 years now, I decided to take another online course at Stanford University: Introduction to Databases.

Hattrick & me – 10 year anniversary

It was the time of dial-up modems, when Internet was a privilege of the chosen in my country. I was at University, in the capital city, away from home. I didn’t have a computer there, so I had to use students’ computer center. While I was waiting for my turn I saw a few guys staring into the same screen and debating over some green stuff on it.

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La vida es una tombola

You have to make choices. Choose your life’s lottery ticket. Cause every little bit of life is gambling.

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Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander on my machine

Few days ago I upgraded my Ubuntu installation to the new release. The upgrade went really smooth and effortless – it required only 3 or 4 clicks during the install, mainly weather to keep or replace my old configuration files.

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Startup Engineering

I heard praises about Coursera from a friend and a colleague who finished the Stanford’s course Introduction to databases on the same platform. I thought to give it a try and after searching through it’s extensive list of courses, I found one that has drawn my attention. It was Startup Engineering, also from Stanford.