Few days ago I upgraded my Ubuntu installation to the new release.  The upgrade went really smooth and effortless – it required only 3 or 4 clicks during the install, mainly whether to keep or replace my old configuration files.

After the install, also, everything worked very well, except few small glitches:

  • double Bluetooth icons in indicator bar
  • sometimes it doesn’t wake up properly when suspended
  • sometimes icons are missing from indicator bar, also after waking up (nothing that killall unity-panel-service couldn’t fix)

Basically, I still can’t see any mayor improvements. Dash search filters are pretty cool, but we’re yet to see if I’m going to use them at all.

I also noticed that it’s trying (unsuccessfully) to estimate the battery life of my wireless Logitech mouse.

In the end – Ubuntu 13.10, although nothing special at first sight, is good to have, at least from my point of view.