I would like to share with you my impressions about nice piece of software I had chance to use recently. I needed to download some song from YouTube and at first I looked into some browser plugins. None of them worked as I wanted them to. Some of them didn’t work at all.

Then I stumbled upon YouTube to MP3 converter by Media Human. This little program did exactly what I wanted and even more. It allowed me to paste multiple links and download all of them at the same time. Enormous time saver! Besides YouTube, it supports Vimeo, SoundCloud and DailyMotion.

It is built on Qt (version 3.3 uses Qt 4.8.4), and it integrates extremely well into overall Ubuntu experience. It can be installed via PPA, allowing easy updates. It is not open source software, though. Although that is something that I generally don’t like, this one is working pretty well, so I decided to “overlook” that fact.

It works on Windows and Mac too, so if you are using any of those systems, you might want to try out this small practical tool.

YuoTube to MP3 converter - Ubuntu