La vida es una tombola

Some you win, and some you lose. You can’t have it all.

You have to make choices. Choose your life’s lottery ticket. Cause every little bit of life is gambling. You can make your choices thinking that’s the best thing you’ve ever done, and then get incredibly screwed, but also, you can make decisions that most people would consider stupid and then get the greatest reward for it. Like Schrödinger’s cat, you never know how it will affect you before you make the decision.

Of course, probability always counts, and making a really stupid decision will probably make you suffer, but most times when you’re in doubt is actually when you don’t know the probability of the outcome. What to do in those situations? I can’t tell you, it’s up to you to decide. So far, I’ve followed my gut and had mostly good outcomes when doing so. Is it a solution? I don’t know. What does your gut tell you?

Y arriba, y arriba ….

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By Aleksandar Jakovljević

My name is Aleksandar Jakovljević and I am a web developer from Belgrade, Serbia. I was born in Smederevo, in 1980. I started focusing on web development since late 2003. I am mostly focused on open source web technologies. I specialised in PHP, focusing on Symfony framework, with skills in Drupal and WordPress, too. I worked more than 7 years for art_net studio and 10 years for Computer Rock (former Spoiled Milk). Now I am working on developing industry leading subscription management system as a part of Plenigo team since August 2021. I love the web and everything related to it. The possibility to publish your ideas quickly and make them available to the entire world is what made me decide to pursue a career in web development.

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