Sonata Admin: modify validation groups in an admin extension

SonataAdminBundle has a powerful extensions feature which allows you to add or change features of one or more Admin instances. I needed my extension to change some validation rules, and it turned out that imposing different validation groups was a good way to achieve it.  $formOptions attribute of Sonata\AdminBundle\Admin\AbstractAdmin class allows for setting validation groups,… Continue reading Sonata Admin: modify validation groups in an admin extension

Grandfather’s advices

I used to spend a lot of time with my grandparents in my childhood. My grandmother used to spoil me, played with me all the time and used to grant me every wish, while my grandfather used to talk to me a lot. These talks left a big influence on me. 

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World. World never stops changing.

If anything is certain in this world, it is that things always change. And there is nothing you can do about it.

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Toughest line of code

I was always fascinated with technology. I grew up watching Start Trek and computers were the closest thing to science fiction back then.

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Never miss a branch again

When working with a git repository you need to know which branch you are committing to. To do that you type git status and check for the info. Sometimes you just need to know the branch in order not to make mistakes when merging. It is super useful to have branch name as part of the command prompt.

How to be successful

This is the most important advice on how to be successful! Read it carefully!

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How to Convert HTML to PDF

A few years ago, generating PDF files via web server side scripts was a real nightmare. Although several libraries were available for the task, most of them were very difficult to use. Times have changed, and now days easiest approach is to convert HTML to PDF.

Let’s Encrypt – providing free automated SSL certificates

In August 2014 Google announced that their search engine will value HTTPS as a ranking signal. This is quite a good news for end-users meaning that they will get more secure sites in top search results. However, it’s not a very good news for owners of small or unprofitable websites, since they would have to acquire signed certificate to get their website a ranking boost.

Add colors to your bash shell

Unix shell is one of the most powerful tools ever created, but sometimes it can be quite dull. Adding it a bit more spice could make your day brighter and your thoughts clearer.

This can be done by setting the LS_COLORS environment variable. Best way to do it is in $HOME/.bashrc file. If done like this, color settings will be loaded each time you start your terminal.