How to be successful





Stop it.


Right now.


Do not ever click on these posts again.

Do you really think that advice on how to be successful can be found in some blog post on the Internet? And do you really think that all successful people do things in the same way?

What does “successful” mean, anyway? Is it having a lot of money? Travelling the world? Building the first warp drive? Or is it having a happy family? Spending time with your loved ones? Sitting under the tree in your neighborhood and drinking beer with friends?


Go chase YOUR dream! Whatever it is. It’s yours. Start it right now. This moment. It’s precious. And stop reading this post, it’s not going to help you achieve it. You must do it, nobody else but you. Don’t listen to other people. Including me. Stop reading now!




Stop it.


Right now.




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By Aleksandar Jakovljević

My name is Aleksandar Jakovljević and I am a web developer from Belgrade, Serbia. I was born in Smederevo, in 1980. I started focusing on web development since late 2003. I am mostly focused on open source web technologies. I specialised in PHP, focusing on Symfony framework, with skills in Drupal and WordPress, too. I worked more than 7 years for art_net studio and 10 years for Computer Rock (former Spoiled Milk). Now I am working on developing industry leading subscription management system as a part of Plenigo team since August 2021. I love the web and everything related to it. The possibility to publish your ideas quickly and make them available to the entire world is what made me decide to pursue a career in web development.

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